Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Goodbye Utah!

Oh the fun I've had here in Utah! I will miss it very much, I have really grown to love the mountains. Before I leave I wanted to share a few more of my photos, and my album, which can be viewed here. I think you will really like my album, we did a lot of fun stuff.

Here I am doing one of my favorite things in autumn, hiking! Check out those beautiful mountains, the one you see in the distance is called Mt. Olympus (like in Greece!). The air was cool and crisp on that day, and the leaves were so yellow!Did you know the 2002 Winter Olympics were hosted in Salt Lake City Utah? Jessica and I went up to the Utah Olympic park. We even got to see some ski jumpers and luge runners practicing! And I have photos of both in my album!
Not all our activities were outdoors (although I love being outside when the weather is so nice!). One day I got to go to a doll show. It was in downtown Salt Lake City in the Fairgrounds. I had such a great time visiting with some of the other girls. Did you know that the tall girl next to me is over 100 years old and from France? She had the prettiest accent! After the doll show we went out for tea, I ordered Vanilla Bean Tea, it was delightful!
Goodbye Utah, I'm off to Colorado!

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