Monday, November 19, 2007

Fort Vasquez

Over the weekend Lexi and me went to Fort Vasquez it was built in 1835 as a trading post for fur trading. It was abandoned in 1842 talk about short lived. Here I am with a buffalo its hard to imagine but they used to roam the land here.

The fort served as a trading post not only to the white man but to the Indians ( native American ) who rule much of land that is now Colorado. Here Lexi and me are exploring an teepee.

After the fort was abandoned it in 1842 it came into disrepair but during the great
Depression came the new deal and the exterior walls where rebuilt no interior were rebuilt but there is brick a outline of where they would have been. Here Lexi and me are sitting where the living area was.

Here I am in a window boy did they make them small.

Here is a picture of what the fort looks likes from the outside.

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