Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nora holiday farewell party

The night before I left Colorado a few of the girls invited me to party to kick of the Holiday seasons. One think that I quickly notice is the girls around here like to dress up and only where pants when it’s really cold out side. Good thing they have lots of extra dresses and don’t mind sharing. After Nicki, Marisol, Lottie, Jess, Lani and my self got ready it was time to have fun.

We had lots of goodies, Hot Cocoa, Candy canes and truffle. The perfect treats for the Holidays.

Next as all the girls gather around I received gift I wonder what could be inside. Its time to see.

It’s an outfit just for me and it’s a skirt outfit what a surprise. I can’t wait to wear it and it even came with purple and pink strip socks. The girls told me there are also shoes to go with it but were backed order and they will ship then out when they arrived. Now I’m getting sleepy but excited tomorrow I’m leaving and heading home. I hope Mommy is ready for me. I wonder what will be my next adventure?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Nora in Georgetown

What a treat today was, Emily, Samantha, Nellie and me headed up into the Mountains. I'm still trying to Figure out how we stayed warmed when walking out side with temperature in the teens and snow. We took a trip to the Historical town of Georgetown. Once a Victorian mining town settled by the Swedish now just a quiet town full of adventure. First stop was main street where we came across a park and found a sign to take a picture with.

The park we found was the John Denver Memorial Park by the way Mommy who is John Denver? While we standing waiting for picture to be taken a nice lady came up and was talking to us and said to us I saw the American Girl doll on Oprah this week. A little later when we went into one of the shops we ran into the lady again started to talk more about American girl then the store keeper said she has a Kirsten doll that she is getting ready to put into her store window dressed in her St. Lucia Outfit.

We got told to stop by the The Hamill House its an old Victorian home that has been restored it was closed to go inside the house but we got lots of pictures of the outside. I found an gate to climb on.

After we left Georgetown we stopped outside of Idaho Springs so we could run around for awhile. Not only did Emily let me ride her sled we also made snow angles. I'm going to missing Colorado and all the other places I've seen. I've been told tomorrow I'll be heading home but tonight its off to an Holiday party I go.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Fort Vasquez

Over the weekend Lexi and me went to Fort Vasquez it was built in 1835 as a trading post for fur trading. It was abandoned in 1842 talk about short lived. Here I am with a buffalo its hard to imagine but they used to roam the land here.

The fort served as a trading post not only to the white man but to the Indians ( native American ) who rule much of land that is now Colorado. Here Lexi and me are exploring an teepee.

After the fort was abandoned it in 1842 it came into disrepair but during the great
Depression came the new deal and the exterior walls where rebuilt no interior were rebuilt but there is brick a outline of where they would have been. Here Lexi and me are sitting where the living area was.

Here I am in a window boy did they make them small.

Here is a picture of what the fort looks likes from the outside.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tea with Mattie and Nicki

What a wonderful surprise I was invited to have Tea with Mattie and Nicki today. Mattie could be my long lost twin and Nicki could also pass off as my twin. First thing was to change into a frilly dress perfect for tea. Mattie let me borrow one of her dresses. After our hair was fixed up off to our tea party we went. Mommy can you guess which one is me?

What wonderful goodies we had Peppermint tea, Strawberry shortcakes and chocolate cupcakes. It was fun acting so lady like for the afternoon. I can’t believe Samantha would have tea every afternoon and had to lady like daily. I’m so happy to be a girl of today.

Pouring hot tea so it does not spill is harder then it looks. Eating dainty bits of our treats was even harder. We only spilled a little of tea. I had a lot of fun at my tea party, Its good to be proper lady for bit but now back to being a girl and running around.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Down to the Springs I went it’s what the locals call Colorado Springs. My host mom and grandma took Marisol and myself to the Air Force Academy. It was a quiet day down at the Academy no planes flying around but there was still plenty of things to see.

After we got on base we first headed up to Cadet Chapel it was closed so we could not go in but still got a few picture of it.

Out side the Cadet Chapel was a courtyard full of statues mostly of planes of Air Force also were statues of important people. Marisol and I got to run and play around the courtyard it’s so nice when you’re the only ones there.

Up at the visitor center we found this Falcon statue to take a quick picture at. It did not take me long after seeing Falcon everywhere to figure out it’s the mascot of Air Force Academy. I even got stuff Falcon to take home with me.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Goodbye Utah!

Oh the fun I've had here in Utah! I will miss it very much, I have really grown to love the mountains. Before I leave I wanted to share a few more of my photos, and my album, which can be viewed here. I think you will really like my album, we did a lot of fun stuff.

Here I am doing one of my favorite things in autumn, hiking! Check out those beautiful mountains, the one you see in the distance is called Mt. Olympus (like in Greece!). The air was cool and crisp on that day, and the leaves were so yellow!Did you know the 2002 Winter Olympics were hosted in Salt Lake City Utah? Jessica and I went up to the Utah Olympic park. We even got to see some ski jumpers and luge runners practicing! And I have photos of both in my album!
Not all our activities were outdoors (although I love being outside when the weather is so nice!). One day I got to go to a doll show. It was in downtown Salt Lake City in the Fairgrounds. I had such a great time visiting with some of the other girls. Did you know that the tall girl next to me is over 100 years old and from France? She had the prettiest accent! After the doll show we went out for tea, I ordered Vanilla Bean Tea, it was delightful!
Goodbye Utah, I'm off to Colorado!