Friday, November 23, 2007

Nora in Georgetown

What a treat today was, Emily, Samantha, Nellie and me headed up into the Mountains. I'm still trying to Figure out how we stayed warmed when walking out side with temperature in the teens and snow. We took a trip to the Historical town of Georgetown. Once a Victorian mining town settled by the Swedish now just a quiet town full of adventure. First stop was main street where we came across a park and found a sign to take a picture with.

The park we found was the John Denver Memorial Park by the way Mommy who is John Denver? While we standing waiting for picture to be taken a nice lady came up and was talking to us and said to us I saw the American Girl doll on Oprah this week. A little later when we went into one of the shops we ran into the lady again started to talk more about American girl then the store keeper said she has a Kirsten doll that she is getting ready to put into her store window dressed in her St. Lucia Outfit.

We got told to stop by the The Hamill House its an old Victorian home that has been restored it was closed to go inside the house but we got lots of pictures of the outside. I found an gate to climb on.

After we left Georgetown we stopped outside of Idaho Springs so we could run around for awhile. Not only did Emily let me ride her sled we also made snow angles. I'm going to missing Colorado and all the other places I've seen. I've been told tomorrow I'll be heading home but tonight its off to an Holiday party I go.

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