Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tea with Mattie and Nicki

What a wonderful surprise I was invited to have Tea with Mattie and Nicki today. Mattie could be my long lost twin and Nicki could also pass off as my twin. First thing was to change into a frilly dress perfect for tea. Mattie let me borrow one of her dresses. After our hair was fixed up off to our tea party we went. Mommy can you guess which one is me?

What wonderful goodies we had Peppermint tea, Strawberry shortcakes and chocolate cupcakes. It was fun acting so lady like for the afternoon. I can’t believe Samantha would have tea every afternoon and had to lady like daily. I’m so happy to be a girl of today.

Pouring hot tea so it does not spill is harder then it looks. Eating dainty bits of our treats was even harder. We only spilled a little of tea. I had a lot of fun at my tea party, Its good to be proper lady for bit but now back to being a girl and running around.

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