Sunday, December 2, 2007

Traveling Nora Returns Home

Emerson, Lindsey and Jess were awaiting Nora's return. Jess pointed out Nora's map in the hallway as she explained Nora's travels.Just look at all of the places Nora went! She traveled to Florida, then to Tennesee, through Georgia and back to Florida, then all the way up to Pennsylvania! After that it was waaay over to Utah, to Colorado, and now she's coming back to Wisconsin! Hey, do you hear barking?
It's Traveling Nora and Earhart! "Hey, guys! I'm home! Just wait until you hear all about my adventures."
"First, allow me to introduce myself!" says Lindsey. "I'm Lindsey, and I joined the girls just a few weeks ago. I came from a great home but I'm happy to join your crew." Nora welcomes Lindsey.
Jess explains: "We've been following along with your travels on your blog, and with this cool bulletin board. Sprout's Mom is still trying to choose photos from your Utah and Colorado travels. It always takes her a long time to pick from all of the great ones your hosts took."
"Well let me show you some of my treasures, then." says Nora. "Look at this great notebook my Florida host made for me. Isn't it beautiful? This doll is from Utah! There's a spoon doll from Pennsylvania but I heard Sprout's Mom grumbling something about having to sew... Anyway, there's Pittsburgh Steeler goodies, this great little backpack... and so much more! All of my hosts sent things like postcards, brochures, and lots of great information about the places I visited! Bird is going to have a great time looking through all of it."
"Check out how my hosts tricked out my traveling box! Isn't it the coolest? I just love how it makes me look like a bonafide jetsetter." *yawn* Lindsey can tell Nora is tired. "Let's get you into bed, Nora." Nora noods sleepily and goes off to change into her pajamas.
"There's just one more thing before we go to bed," says Nora, "I have to say a big 'Thank You!' to all of my wonderful hosts! They were so great to show me so much of their states, and to help Bird not miss me too much, and really learn about all of the places I visited. Thank you all so much."
Good Night Nora! The Sprout and Bird family thanks all of your hosts too. Traveling Nora will be off on her travels again in 2008--and this time, she's going global! Stay tuned, and have a wonderful holiday season!