Thursday, June 19, 2008

Time to Say Goodbye

Thursday June 19: Goodbye RI!

It's time to leave and go home now. I had a really fun trip and made some nice new friends. I'll miss Susanna and I know she will miss me. Goodbye Rhode Island! Next stop: home!

Magic Time Travel Adventure

Tuesday June 17: One Last Time Travel Adventure

Today Kirsten hosted a Midsummer picnic. Midsummer is when the days are longest and there's no night. It's also a magic time when girls from all different times can come together and play.

Everyone brought something to the party. Molly and I brought fresh picked strawberries from her Victory Garden.

We had lots of food and good friends....

I really like these cookies Samantha's Mrs. Hawkins made.

It was so much fun to see all those girls! It was the best party ever!

Go Red Sox!


I helped my host's Dad cheer on the Boston Red Sox. I cheered and waved my banner, but they still lost. I can't believe it!

Fashion Show

Monday June 16

It was rainy and cold today and I decided to have a fashion show.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another time travel adventure


I went to visit Molly in 1944. She wanted to go roller skating but she only has one pair of skates. She said we could share and each take one skate. I was scared I would fall over, but Molly helped me learn to skate on one skate. We had lots of fun!

A mini adventure

Friday June 13th

My host took me to the center of the city where she lives. I stopped at the post office to mail some postcards.
Then I went to City Hall and posed with a statue of a Civil War soldier.

Then we went to the library. The old part of the library was built in 1938.

They are having a summer reading program called "Catch the Reading Bug!" The bug on the poster is reading a book called "Harry Swatter and the Order of the Flies."

I met a nice librarian who collects Raggedies. She liked hearing all about my travels and said it was an honor to have me visit their library. She also said I was beautiful!

Sightseeing adventure

Thursday June 12

Today I finally got to go sightseeing. I went to downtown Providence. I learned about the history of the Providence river. Providence was founded in 1636 on two rivers and the river basin was just a cove until the 19th century when the land was filled in more and more. The cove was all filled in by the end of the 19th century when railroads replaced shipping as the main industry.

I stood on a spot that was underwater for 4 centuries!

Now it is a pretty park with cobblestone walks, Venetian style bridges, a stone amphitheater and summer parties with fires on the water, music, dancing and entertainments.

Next we went on a tour of the Statehouse. It was built between 1895-1904 of white marble. The dome is the 4th largest unsupported dome in the world. On top is the Independent Man statue. It is made from gold-covered bronze and stands 313 feet above sea level. The Independent Man is a symbol of the independent spirit and freedom which led exiled minister Roger Williams to settle in Rhode Island and create a place for freedom of worship.

I stood in front of a brass replica of the State Seal. It is embedded in the marble floor. An achor is shown in the middle of the seal and is a symbol of hope. Above the anchor is the word "hope". The motto comes from a famous quote from the state founder, Roger Williams. The anchor is also used because Rhode Island is the Ocean State.
Inside the Statehouse, I saw a replica of the Liberty Bell, some big guns used in the Civil War, statues of famous Rhode Island people and even got to peer inside the Senate Chamber.
You can take a virtual tour of the Statehouse here

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Time Travel Adventures Part 3


Guess who I met today? I made a new friend named Samantha. She invited me and Susanna to visit her at her summer resort in the mountains. We couldn't decide what to do today.

Samantha wanted to go swimming, Susanna wanted to so for a boat ride and I wished we could have a lawn party and play croquet. No one liked my suggestion. They said it was too hot. I came up with a much better idea...
After I changed into a more comfortable dress, we sat on Samantha's bed and read The Wizard of Oz. Some parts were scary but I thought it was a great story! I had a wonderful day at Piney Point!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Time Travel Adventures part 2


Today I visited Kirsten in 1854. It was her birthday and Susanna and I threw her a surprise party.We had strawberries and fresh cream to eat. It is a tasty summertime treat. I poured the cream on the berries.
We also had cookies, cake, cinnamon buns, scones and whipped cream. Delicious!

This is such a fun party! I love making new friends.

Time Travel Adventures part 1


Yesterday was too hot to go outside, so I decided to time travel and visit Felicity in 1774.

I think I look very pretty in my colonial dress.

It was Felicity's best friend Elizabeth's birthday and we had a tea party for her with her dolls. I borrowed a rag doll, Patsy, from Felicity. Even our dolls got to have tea.

I had a really fun time at the party!
You can see more pictures and read the full story in my Kodak album.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot summer fun in Rhode Island

To Downcity and an Open Air Market

My host says there's an old saying in New England: "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it'll change." As cold and wet as my first day was, my second was just as HOT and sunny! The thermometer read 100 degrees in the sun. Wow! Since the bus was free, my host took me
out on an adventure. We went to downcity Providence and visited an open air market. It's a community arts and crafts fair where people sell their home made items.

I wanted to buy this cool hat but it was too big.

I want to grow an herb garden.

After the market, we went to the huge mall to cool off. We took a skybridge from a hotel to the mall and I could see a whole lot of the city from there. Providence is the capital and largest city in Rhode Island. It is a mix of old (it was founded in the 1630s!) and new.

You can see more of my adventures in my photo album .

I'm in Rhode Island now!

Hi Rhode Island!

I arrived on June 6th and I made two new friends right away. Their names are Susanna and Coconut.

It was too cold and wet to go outside so we sat on Susanna's bed and played zoo.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Looking Beautiful!

Sadly, I haven't been able to go to any interesting places yet. The price of gas is just so expensive. :-( Today, I was able to go outside for a brief photo shoot. I wore the most beautiful black and white dress ever. Here are the pictures...

Finally Arrived in East Virginia!

I traveled in East Virginia today after traveling across the state from Northern Virginia. It wasn't a very long trip compared to the other ones that I have been on. Here is a picture of me with everyone at my host's house...

Here is the link to the album of my arrival...

Monday, April 21, 2008

American Girls Go Green!

Lindsey and Emerson would like to interrupt Traveling Nora's blog to bring you a little Earth Day message...

One day, Lindsey found Emerson surfing the web. "Hey, Emerson!" said Lindsey. Emerson looked up from the computer. "Hi, Lindsey. Happy Earth Day!" Lindsey looked puzzled. "Earth Day?" she asked, "What's that?" "Well," Emerson began, "its a day to celebrate the things we can do to care for our planet."
"Care for the Earth you mean? Why? How?" "That's pretty complicated", sighed Emerson. "Take this website, It exaplains all about global warming: how the weather is changing, and there are food shortages, too much water some places and not enough others, and..."
"Global WARMING?" exclaimed Lindsey, "That sounds terrible! What about our vinyl? We'll get all melty!"
"Lindsey, it's not like that, it's just..."
"I don't care, just tell me what we can do to solve it."
"Well now you're talking! Let's start with food..."

"The biggest thing we can do to help the earth through our food is to EAT LOCAL." Check out local farmer's markets or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs where you live. Eating local food supports local farmers that are more likely to use sustainable growing practices, and cuts down on fuel used in production and transportation. It's often healthier for you too. " "That's great," said Lindsey, "but what if you can't find a local grower?" Emerson smiled. "Why not grow it yourself? Even up north here we are already seeing things like spinach and sorrel coming up. Here, try some!" "Yum!" Lindsey loved the taste of the fresh sorrel--much better than grocery store salad greens! "What about people who don't have a lot of room to grow things though? Maybe not even a backyard they can dig in?" "Well it doesn't take too much space, Lindsey. Raised beds are a great option--just set down a frame, fill it up with dirt and compost, and a little space like this can provide 50 pounds of vegetables quite easily!" "Cool," said Lindsey "uh, did you say compost? What's that?" "Compost is a great way to reduce waste while creating a natural fertilizer for your gardens. You can put all kinds of things into a compost bin: vegetable peelings, fruit cores, and other food waste, lawn clippings and raked up leaves, and all of that "waste" becomes a great resource!"

Lindsey was impressed. She and Emerson began walking towards the front yard. Then Lindsey stopped. "Doesn't all of that gardening take a lot of water? I thought water was a bit "earthy" issue too." "It doesn't take too much, but there are things you can do to make it take even less. Using rain barrels is a great way to catch the water that would otherwise run off --often taking icky chemicals with it and polluting lakes, streams and rivers. Plus, it gives you nice soft water for your garden!" "I love this," said Lindsey. "What else can we do with water?" "Simple stuff," said Emerson. "Turn off the water while you brush your teeth, install low-flow shower heads, eat less meat--it takes way more water (and fuel and other stuff) to "grow" cattle than it does to grow veggies... Hey look at this cool car! Speaking of reducing fuel usage: people can take public transportation, ride their bikes or walk, or even buy a hybrid electric car to get around! This car gets 60 miles to the gallon, sometimes more, and saves a lot of money on gas besides conserving resources."
"All that is great Emerson, but what about the kids whose parents don't want to do all of this gardening stuff, or rain barrels or buy hybrid cars..." "Well every little bit counts.", Emerson insisted." Kids can make sure that their family recycles wherever possible. They can re-use packaging materials to send out their AG goodies, re-use boxes to store all of our cool accessories, and when they wear out, throw them in the recycling bin. Then it will get remade into new stuff!" "Now you're talking!" said Lindsey. "What else?" "How about buying second-hand clothing? There's tons of cool vintage and retro stuff out there. A little searching and you can come up with awesome outfits without paying a fortune for brand new clothes that are burning up resources. And when they bring those cool clothes home? Use a reusable bag! It's gross how many plastic bags are clogging landfills and harming wildlife, not to mention using up petroleum. Ew! Reusable bags can be super cute too, so everybody wins. And kids can always ask their parents to check out that website I was on earlier, to find out even more things that they can do."
"Well I'm glad that I learned all of this stuff about being 'green'", said Lindsey. "I would hate for us to melt away in global warming." "Er, too. Hungry? We've got some fresh organic salad greens from the farm around the corner!" "Yeah, let's eat!"