Sunday, November 11, 2007

Down to the Springs I went it’s what the locals call Colorado Springs. My host mom and grandma took Marisol and myself to the Air Force Academy. It was a quiet day down at the Academy no planes flying around but there was still plenty of things to see.

After we got on base we first headed up to Cadet Chapel it was closed so we could not go in but still got a few picture of it.

Out side the Cadet Chapel was a courtyard full of statues mostly of planes of Air Force also were statues of important people. Marisol and I got to run and play around the courtyard it’s so nice when you’re the only ones there.

Up at the visitor center we found this Falcon statue to take a quick picture at. It did not take me long after seeing Falcon everywhere to figure out it’s the mascot of Air Force Academy. I even got stuff Falcon to take home with me.

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