Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nora holiday farewell party

The night before I left Colorado a few of the girls invited me to party to kick of the Holiday seasons. One think that I quickly notice is the girls around here like to dress up and only where pants when it’s really cold out side. Good thing they have lots of extra dresses and don’t mind sharing. After Nicki, Marisol, Lottie, Jess, Lani and my self got ready it was time to have fun.

We had lots of goodies, Hot Cocoa, Candy canes and truffle. The perfect treats for the Holidays.

Next as all the girls gather around I received gift I wonder what could be inside. Its time to see.

It’s an outfit just for me and it’s a skirt outfit what a surprise. I can’t wait to wear it and it even came with purple and pink strip socks. The girls told me there are also shoes to go with it but were backed order and they will ship then out when they arrived. Now I’m getting sleepy but excited tomorrow I’m leaving and heading home. I hope Mommy is ready for me. I wonder what will be my next adventure?

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