Saturday, October 27, 2007

What a busy week it has been!

What have I been doing this last week in Utah? Keeping busy! Here are a few preview photos from the album FarmhouseGirl and I are working on:

One of the first things we did here in Utah was to go to the visitors center downtown, I got some trinkets to bring home, and I liked looking at the big interactive map of the state.The autumn in Utah is very pretty. One day was warm enough to play monkey in the trees!
Another day Rachel and I went to the pumpkin patch to pick out perfect Halloween pumpkins, look at this one I found!
This guy was also at the pumpkin patch. He was crying because he said nobody wanted to be his friend. I asked why, and he said because everyone thought he was scary, but he really wasn't. So I decided to become his friend, his name was Ralph.
On Saturday we went downtown to a doll show. Can you believe it? Another doll show! It was really fun, and the other dolls were very pretty.
After the doll show we went to the "Beehive Tea Room". I ordered Vanilla Bean Tea, and it was very tasty!
Another day we went on a autumn walk, the colors are really pretty here. In Utah there are a lot of yellow leaves, but not many red leaves.
See all the yellow?
And I got to visit the State Capitol Building. I pretended I was in Washington DC.

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Mia said...

Wow, Nora! You've been busy in Utah. Enjoy that beautiful Autumn.