Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hi Mom! I'm in Utah!

I am here, I am here! What a day it has been. This morning at 5:00 am I felt my box moving around, and then I realized I was loaded into a truck. I was happy to be finally on my way to Jessica's (FarmhouseGirl's) home, but I realized I probably would spend most of the day in the UPS truck. I tried to sleep, but it was freezing! Sheesh! It is only October! Finally the truck warmed up a little and I was able to nap. Then, around 3:00 pm I felt my box jostle again, and I was delivered!

I was freed from my box by my new host and her kitty Mabel. I was so glad to finally be able to stretch my legs. I was in my box for a week! Jessica knew I was very tired so she led me to a new room, and said I could rest up as long as I would like. This was nice, I could rest, brush my teeth, and change my undies before I met any of her girls. Jessica did lead me to a new room, Traveling Violet's room! Jessica told me Violet is out traveling again, she is in Calgary Canada, and while I was here I could use her room. Wow! It was perfect, and the best part was that Violet has a laptop! I took off my shoes, relaxed, played with her American Girl doll, and then worked on this very blog entry!

So guess what Mom? I have a lot in common with my host family. She too loves kitties (she has three of them), she loves when the seasons change, loves the Utah outdoors, and she LOVES pasta and fruit! I guess one night while I'm here I might be able to help with dinner.

Another great thing is that the Utah autumn is in full swing, all the leaves have started to change and the mountains are capped in white snow! It is very pretty!

It is so fun to finally be in Violet's room, she has been a blog friend for awhile, but we've never met!


Mia said...

I'm glad you arrived safely in Utah, Nora! Jessica knows how to pamper a Traveling Doll, huh? Have fun!!

American Girl Rescue said...

Hi Nora! I'm glad to see you are having fun in Utah. We miss you here.