Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vacation in Florida

After my host family took me to AG-Atlanta, they took me to visit Florida (although I was just in Florida with my first host.) This visit we got to go to the Gulf Coast. It was certainly hot and sunny down in Florida. Here I am being given a WARM welcome.

Julie and I enjoyed a day at the Reddington Beach on the Gulf coast of sunny Florida. Being that it was a weekday in September, we basically had the beach to ourselves.

We went to Florida to visit with my hosts' grandma. She lives in a really nice retirement area where most of the folks only live there in the winter. So basically we had the run of the streets. Playing street hockey was lots of fun. I had a bit of trouble with Molly's skates at first, but I learned pretty quickly.

Look at me go!!!

And, of course, being a retirement community there was a chance to play shuffleboard. Here are Julie and I facing off.

Now it's time for me to leave this host's home. I'm certainly going to miss all these girls here. I've had lots of fun with my host in Tennessee.
(click on the picture to get a bigger view of us all)

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