Monday, March 10, 2008

Nora in NY!

I have a lot to share from my Visit to New York!!

It all started when I arrived just in time for Valentine's day! Kit was the first to give me a cute valentine she made all by herself! We became great friends right away!
Samantha and Nellie also had a special Valentine they made for me...
Group Huuuuug!

Then, Kerri showed me something AMAZING! Build-a-bear made had a special raffle for valentine's day, and look who won the associate prize!!

That's one BIIIIG Box! Kit and Miss Woofles the Valentine's day puppy comes to investigate!!

Oh My! A Big Mama Woofles! So big i can ride on her! Kerri's Mama just laughed and asked where this giant doggie would fit in Kerri's little room! I think she's so cute, though!! Her ears and big and floppy and she's so soft! It would be nice to sleep on her! Hehe.


Today we went on an adventure to a mall that's kind of far away! It's a really pretty mall, though, and i got to watch all the BIG Koi in the pond that's right smack in the middle of the mall!
Some of the fishies were bigger than me! There were a lot of kids around, but i made sure to stay away from them, they were splashing. xP

We also went into the Borders and checked out the American Girl books. I read a book about Mia while Kerri picked up some new Manga.

Stay tuned! There is more to come about my visit to NY! :)

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