Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hello from Florida!

I've finally arrived in Florida, and boy is it hot outside! It's summertime, but there's no kids playing in their yards or on the street because it's so hot. I guess they're at the beach or at swimming pools, or maybe they're inside playing.

Earhart and I got to see a lot of Jacksonville before we went to our host's house. Jacksonville is the city where she lives. It's in the northeast part of Florida, right next to the ocean, and almost in Georgia when you look at maps. I'll draw a picture to show you where I am later!

This is a really big city! There is a river called the St John's River, and it's special because it flows north. Most rivers in the United States go south. There is also something called the Intracoastal Waterway. That's kind of like a river that goes between two parts of Jacksonville. There are lots of marshes along it, so sometimes if you're going over a bridge and the tide is low (that means there isn't as much water there), it's really stinky! Animals like snakes, turtles, frogs, and lots of birds like to live in the marsh. There is also a lot of beaches in Jacksonville!

This picture is me and Earhart at our host's house. I was wearing my jacket while traveling, but I had to take it off when we got here. I had a really good trip from Wisconsin, but I think Earhart was ready to run around and play.

I was ready to go inside and cool off!

Unfortunately, palm trees aren't very good for making shade. They need some good trees down here so you can find a nice and shady place outside!

This palm tree across the street looks a lot shadier, but it has even more prickly parts on the trunk! Maybe those big trees far away will be nice and shady.

This picture shows me and Beatrice in her room. Beatrice is the doll who lives here with Keri, her big person. She's really nice and is letting me share her bed while I'm here.

Bea is going to show me the lizards that live in the backyard later, but first she let me borrow some clothes. I got a skirt and a t-shirt that were nice and cold from being kept near the air conditioning all day. It was so nice to change my clothes after being outside! The thermometer by the back door said it was 101 degrees today! That's really hot!

It's really important to stay cool when it's hot out, so Keri and Beatrice made sure that Earhart and I had lots of water! I also got a nice apple snack, and that was really yummy.

Earhart got to sit at the end of the bed, so he could cool off, too. Dogs have so much fur, they're probably hot all the time!

Beatrice also has lots of cool books and toys. She let me read her Nancy Drew book this afternoon, while I rested from my trip.

We have so much planned while I'm here, I can't wait!


Mia said...

It's good to see you safe and sound in Florida, Nora! Have a great visit with Keri!

American Girl Rescue said...

Florida looks like fun! Have a great visit and I'll see you next!

Violet said...

Sounds like great fun, I've never been to Florida, but it was really really hot when I went to Ukraine with Inky.


Anya said...

I hope you have a great time in Florida. I wish I could visit! I missed my stop there on my travels, though I must say that Virginia sure feels like Florida--it has been over 100 degrees here lately, too.